Happy New Year

The lights dimmed when the band stopped playing, and the countdown began. The club erupted with the deafening noise.
“Ten … nine … eight … seven … six … five … four ….”
And then I was safe. Safe in Grey’s arms again. I don’t even know where he came from, but suddenly I was swept up into his warm, strong embrace, and he crushed me to him. I clung to him just as tightly, my hands in his hair, cupping his face. I smelt deeply his delicious cologne and pressed my lips against his neck.
“You’re right, you know. There’s no one for me but you.” He whispered.
“I know.” I giggled shakily. “I know. Grey, we can make this work.” I stared up into his eyes, trying to read them, trying to convince him.
“I’m going to make this right.” He pressed his forehead to mine, speaking with vehemence.
“I know. I know.”
The clock struck twelve.
“Happy New Year, Mackenzie.” He smirked.
“Happy New Year, Grey.” I whispered back, through my happy tears. We smiled at each other, for just a moment, as the crowd started screaming and cheering and clapping for the stroke of midnight.
And as Grey bent to kiss me, a smile still on his lips, it seemed like they were cheering for us.

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