Book Launch

I experienced my first ever Book Launch a few weekends ago, and it was amazing. A total surprise orchestrated by my two wily sisters and my equally devious husband.  They rented a banquet room in the Best Western for the occasion, filled it with family and friends and amazing food, and then surprised the wits out of me. All I could do was stand and smile and blush like an idiot. Until my cousin yelled out, “it’s actually an intervention.” (Which was hilarious, and if you’ve read my book, would make a lot of sense 🙂

It really did mean the world though, to have everyone there. I got to sell and sign some books, take some pictures and  just celebrate the book release with the closest people in the world to me. There was a cake too, an amazing cake that replicated the cover of the book perfectly. I debated actually cutting and eating that beautiful cake all night…and then when I heard it was full of chocolate mousse my decision was made. But it was lucky that I waited until only family remained, as the icing turned everyone’s mouth a lovely shade of coated black.

All in all, the book launch was a great success and I am eternally grateful to everyone who came and anyone who helped in any way. Thank you, again ❤


Check out the Facebook page to see pictures!

2 thoughts on “Book Launch

    • christineanderson2 says:

      Hey Dee! Thank you so much! I self-published it, it took awhile but finally came out last November. I think the best/cheapest way to get one would be through, or if you can download the e-book from…there are links on the blog here or on the facebook page. Let me know what you think, I’d love the opinion of a fellow author!

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