Check out the new bling…

Back in December of last year I entered my book, Life of the Party, in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards, which was the first contest I found specifically for self-published and independent books.  After I entered I had no idea what to expect, just hoped for the best and settled in to wait. (Of course there was the odd Major Motion Picture and insta-fame fantasy, but that’s only natural.)

By the time May rolled around and the results were finally e-mailed out, I was overjoyed to discover that Life of the Party had been named a Finalist in two of the three categories I entered, the First Novel over 80,000 words and the Young Adult Category.

(You can check it out here, just to make it official– Winners & Finalists …you’ll have to do some scrolling.)

It was overwhelming. I couldn’t believe it. There was an awards ceremony held at the Plaza Hotel in New York that I was invited to attend, but since I was about seven months pregnant at the time, was unable to go.  I was given some official certificates and sent some special Finalist stickers to put on my book covers as well.

And then these little beauties arrived in the mail. Nothing makes things more real than the heaviness of a nice silver medal around your neck. I wore them proudly all day long…(well, until the first time I bent over and they cranked me in the face. It hurt…they’re actually really big.)

So, if I clink when I walk, you now know the reason.

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