Is this the end…?

I can admit when I have an unhealthy obsession with something. While my obsessions typically come and go, a few have stuck around for years. One’s Avenged Sevenfold. Another is…Twilight.

I can’t help myself. I skeptically bought the first novel from a second-hand book store 3 years ago when the movie first came out. I think that was a Friday. By that Sunday, I had bought and read the other three books and by Wednesday saw the movie for the very first time. Over the course of the next few months I managed to see it another eleven.

Obviously I’m not the only one that feels this way. Stephanie Meyers book series has sparked a worldwide obsession among the female race. Edward’s combination of ethereal beauty and unsleeping devotion for Bella is a recipe that speaks to every girls heart, as unrealistic as it might be. He makes the books, in my opinion. Just like Robert Pattinson makes the movie.

Of course, there’s always the haters (mostly guys, who can’t stand the fact that these vampires sparkle, because apparently it breaks some unwritten vampire rule,) and these haters feel that any man who’s broodingly handsome, constantly shirtless and sensitive to a womans feelings has to be gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it really shatters the womanly fantasy to think that Edward might be secretly harboring a crush towards Jacob. I have argued to the death on this topic.

…until this.

The MTV movie awards aired this spring. Knowing the Twilight cast was in attendance and still managing to be 17 at heart, I tuned in eagerly, excited to see the new Breaking Dawn preview, what Kristen Stewart was wearing, and of course, to watch her and Rob win Best Kiss. Again. And then they did. And then this…happened.

The smile fell from my face, and all I could say was….oh. Uncomfortable silence. Really?

You can see the uh…happening at, they have the whole show on demand,, go to number 18.

I mean, if it were Brad Pitt and George Clooney,  maybe I would’ve laughed. Because they’re obviously not gay.  But when you’re a sparkling vampire and the others guy’s a shirtless werewolf and your masculinity is already in question, maybe you shouldn’t kiss each other. Please? I mean, how am I supposed to defend you now?

Was this the end of my obsession? I thought so. Maybe.

But then the new Breaking Dawn trailer came out! And just like that, I’m back, faith restored and eagerly anticipating the movie release. I mean, who cares that they kissed. It was just for shock value, right? RIGHT?

I’m not giving up on them. I can’t, we’ve been through too much together. Come November 17, I’ll be in the Breaking Dawn lineup at midnight surrounded by 14-year-old girls.


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