About Me


Writing has always been a passion of mine. Back in elementary, for fun my friends and I would gather around and write stories together–everything from twin girls solving mysteries to a horror involving vampire badgers living in the coulee behind my house.

I like to look back at all my stories and see how my writing has grown. How they progressed from super-sucking to maybe not sucking as bad. Of all the ones I’ve written, Life of the Party is the only novel I’ve ever truly finished. I published it in 2010, which was six years ago, and I’m not cool like Harper Lee so I should probably get on my next one. Three kids and a full time job later, I hope you can understand the delay. As an act of faith I named my website christineandersonbooks–and I really hope that one day that plural makes sense.

I want to thank everyone for all the awesome reviews (and the critical ones too…because now I know that Puffs with lotion is the softest kleenex…) But honestly, I can’t tell you how encouraging it is, as a first time author, to hear that someone really and truly enjoyed your book. It’s the greatest compliment an author can receive.

For all the fans who’ve written me looking for more, thank you for your interest. And your patience. I can’t make any promises, but I am writing, and you’ll be the first to know when its finished.

Until then!

Much ❤

3 thoughts on “About Me

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